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<p>Z-Exemplar wears its retro inspirations on its vivid bullet-hell sleeve; the sprawling procedural shump is expected to release on mobile and PC later this year, according to the developer's recent blog post.</p><p>Set in galaxy of 961 planets, Z-Exemplar features a wealth of old-school shooter action inspired by R-Type and Gradius. Odd perks and weapon upgrades like defensive probes or the lightning-linked Lectrix Chain let you customize your loadout before fighting alien enemies and futuristic defenses.</p><p>Flesh worlds, asteroid belts between planets, dangerous bosses, celestial beings, and other weird places and dangers await to be discovered and destroyed as you travel through the galaxy.</p><p>We'll share more details and concrete dates as Z-Exemplar nears release; in the meantime, you can find more screenshots, GIFs, and information on the game's SlideDB page.</p>.

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