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<p>Starbeard has achieved the unachievable - it's made match three remotely interesting again. This absolutely flooded mobile genre has been desperate for refreshment for years, and Starbeard looks set to do just that.</p><p>You're still matching three or more identical objects - in this instance stars - but the difference here is that you have to create these matches yourself by dragging the stars about and placing them together. It's a bit like Peggle in that respect.</p><p>Also dotted about are enemies who will stick you if they get too close. Fortunately, successfully matching three stars allows you to create a bodyguard of your own to fight back.</p><p>Each different star colour creates a different unit, and each has their own attack. Some attack all units horizontally, while others just provide huge damage to a single unit.</p>.

GAME NAME download gta vc obb

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