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<p>Updated on March 13th, at 11:30: Golf Zero is now available on the App Store.The colorful golfing platformer can be downloaded for free, with a 1.99p / 1.99c in-app purchase to remove ads.</p><p>Golf Zero is bringing a unique blend of golf and physics-based precision platforming to iPad and iPhone next week.</p><p>Across the game's expansive trap-filled stages, you need to carefully leap around saws and off bumpers to get the perfect angle for a swing. Usually you'll have to make those hole-in-one shots in slow motion moments before slamming into spikes.</p><p>Rolling boulders, enemies to avoid, switches to activate, and items such as carts and balloons make Golf Zero's later levels increasingly challenging and complex.</p><p>Golf Zero will be releasing on March 14th on the App Store.</p>.

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